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One natural dental products for cats is a spray and the other is used by adding it to the cat’s water supply.  The decision to use both was because one of my cats did not like  me placing my finger in her mouth. Therefore she was given the additive to her water.  My other little darling allowed me to apply the solution directly to his teeth.

Whichever you decide to use is entirely up to you and your situation with your pets.

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Oral Dental Spray is One Method Of Cat Dental Care at Home

Oral Dental Spray Can be spray on directly or sprayed on one of your fingers then applied to the cat’s teeth. This may be the easiest method for you and your cat. lt will remove most of the tarter and keeps their gums healthy.

It softens the tartar to the point that it falls off.

Prior to using this product, my cat’s check ups would always indicate stage 2 or 3 tartar build up which cost me $350 to $500 per cat.  Using this liquid spray decreased the tartar so substantially that the amounts for the dental visits are $200 cheaper.

Our Recommended Non Invasive Cat Dental Care Product


Triple Pet Plaque Off Fresh Breath 8 fl oz

natural dental products for cats

Natural Dental Products for Cats

Triple Pet Plaque Off … Add to drinking water!

It is a special formula made to assist the oral health for dogs, cats and small mammals. Just add one capful to every bowl (24oz) of drinking water.

Using a special blend of ingredients, this product helps eliminate plaque and tartar build-up and odor causing compounds in your pet’s digestive system.

Results within 48 hours
Made with human food grade ingredients
Veterinarian recommended