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Important Considerations When Selecting a Cat for Your Family

Some folks feel that selecting a cat for the family should not be as difficult a task as selecting a dog; but there are a few things that you should take into consideration when choosing a feline family member.

Different breeds of cat have characteristics that differ from others and should be taken into consideration when selecting your pet. Some cat breeds have long hair and some short; some are very active and others are not; some are very noisy cats and others are not so noisy.
Here are some good questions to ask yourself about your living environment to help determine what cat breed may fit into your home better.

What type of residence do you have? Is it an apartment, townhouse, small home or a house with lots of acreage?

Do you live in the inner city, busy city, suburb, and semi-rural or rural area with not much traffic?

Are you looking to own a indoor cat or a mostly outdoor cat?
Do you have small children at home, older kids or perhaps an elderly person living with you who would benefit from a more sedate cat?

Are there other pets in your home like goldfish, gerbils, dogs or other cats? If you have other pets how do you imagine they will get along with cat?

Would the family members in your home get along better with a good natured cat, a gentle cat, a playful cat, an independent cat or a high-spirited cat?


Magnificent artwork by Carolyn Ritter

Magnificent artwork by Carolyn Ritter


How much grooming will you have time to do for your cat? Do you have time to do a lot of grooming, a moderate amount of grooming, just a little bit of grooming or none at all and can afford to have a professional groom your cat?

Do you have the ability and time to care for and train a kitten?

Do you prefer an adult cat that has already been trained to be part of a human family?

These questions are important ones to have answers for before you start looking at available cats or kittens.

You should understand something about the nature of a cat before bringing your first cat home. Here is a short description of what you are likely to encounter, so be prepared.

Cats are independent creatures and unlike dogs they usually care little about hurting your feelings. They can be wonderful companions and are usually warm, friendly and even may love to have you cuddle them; but make no mistake the cat will clearly decide your relationship.

Cats can be aloof, or they can be in your face! Kittens love to play and are very active. Cats can also have definite attitudes especially if you forget to clean their litter box. Cats can be very mysterious as they possess a “cat’s intuition” or “sixth sense” that gives them that uncanny ability to know what you are about to do, even before you do.


A cat can very well amaze you with antics, infuriate you with their drama, and comfort you when you are at your worse. Cats can bring immense joy to your life and they will rapidly steal your heart. Be prepared for adventures right from the start that will be like no other you have ever been on.


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