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Important Considerations When Selecting a Cat for Your Family

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cat odor removalWhat Essential products should you have available when your new cat arrives? 

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cat dental careProper Cat Dental Care will prolong your cat’s life and should not be neglected.

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cat bubblesInteractive Playtime and toys are invaluable for a healthy and happy relationship with your cat.

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Plants Toxic to Cats and Dogs


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What are the Responsibilities of Owning a Cat?

Cats can live on average 15 years so when someone decides to adopt a kitten or young cat it is a long-term commitment. Cats need more than just a home, food, water and the occasional cuddle.

Being responsible for the health and well being of your cat, the owner needs to understand the full scope of what a cat needs in order to be healthy and happy.

A cat is an expense that a new owner should understand before making the commitment. The initial vet visit will include an examination, vaccinations, and possibly altering the cat. All of this can run approximately $250.00

Cats require special equipment like someplace to sleep, a litter box for each cat, cat toys for entertainment and exercise, food dish and water dish, a cat carrier, cat grooming tools such as brushes and combs, cat climbing towers, scratching posts and a cat collar with ID tag.

To be healthy cats require a proper diet that is geared for its age and physical abilities. Incorrect food can lead to disease, bad teeth, diarrhea, urinary problems and finicky eating behavior. In addition to food, the cat needs daily fresh water in a clean water bowl. The owner needs to monitor the cat so that it does not gain too much weight or become underweight.

Long haired cats will require grooming. They should be brushed at least 3 times a week to prevent fur matting and to reduce the occurrence of hairballs. A short haired cat should be brushed at least once a week.

You will need to trim the nails on your cat or he will use your furniture to do this. If you forget to trim the nails they can become caught in the carpet.

Cats can get parasites so paying attention for the presence of fleas and worms is important. A cat’s ears should be checked regularly for ear mites.

Vet yearly exams and vaccinations are all a part of responsible cat ownership and the best way to maintain your cat’s health.

A cat needs more than food, water and vet care – a cat needs you! A cat desires to be played with, to be cuddled and petted and spoiled. A cat likes to be spoken to and adored. A cat that is ignored is a cat that will develop behavior problems.

Along with cat ownership and the responsibility outlined above, a cat owner must be prepared for the cat to steal their way into your heart. Cats have definite personalities and can make themselves heard when it comes to likes and dislikes.

They will be vocal or affectionate when the occasion calls for it. Cat owners that take the time, money and invest them into the care and companionship that all cats need, are lucky because a cat will return ten-fold what it receives in companionship and affection.

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